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Professional Development
for Schools and Individuals

Professional Development for Schools:

Workshops are typically 60-90 minutes and can be in person or virtual

Cultivate Resilience: Learn strategies to manage stress, build emotional resilience, and navigate difficult situations with greater ease.

Enhance Classroom Engagement: Create a positive and supportive classroom environment that fosters student engagement, focus, and overall well-being.

Promote Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Develop practical skills to promote empathy, compassion, self-awareness, and conflict resolution among students

Improve Mental Health and Wellness: Gain insights into mindfulness-based approaches that nurture mental health, reduce anxiety, and improve overall well-being for both teachers and students.

Designed for teachers, OTs,  classroom staff

Professional development workshops are designed specifically for schools and educators seeking to integrate yoga and mindfulness practices into their classrooms.

Teachers and students navigate a variety of stressors and challenges in their educational journey. From academic pressures to social dynamics, the well-being of both teachers and students can be compromised. Professional development workshops equip educators with the tools and techniques necessary to tackle these challenges effectively. By incorporating yoga and mindfulness practices, teachers can:

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Professional Development for Individuals:

Understand the brain-body connection to teach developmentally appropriate practices 

Create a fun and engaging curriculum that you can adapt for different ages in both mat and chair-based settings

Learn how to calmly and compassionately navigate classroom chaos

Gain confidence teaching movement, breath and mindfulness practices to children of different ages

Develop your own sustainable practice to embody what you teach

Perfect for anyone looking for something more personal

Personalized mentorship will help you gain confidence teaching youth valuable life skills through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. During this experience, you will:

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Professional Development

Classroom Benefits

Better focus & concentration   

Increased empathy & understanding of others 

Skillful responses to difficult emotions

Increased compassion towards others & self    

Decreased stress & anxiety     

Increased self-awareness         

Improved impulse control        

Development of natural conflict resolution skills 

The practices of mindfulness and yoga offer tools to support well-being and navigate challenges in our lives with greater skill. Mindfulness and yoga support the social-emotional goals of many schools in the current educational environment. A growing body of research and neuroscience has shown many benefits of mindfulness:

Available IN-PERSON or virtual. 

Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness for Children

This workshop provides an overview of the basic principles and practices of yoga and mindfulness for children and why they are important for social-emotional learning and overall well-being.

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Developing Mindful Classrooms

This workshop explores strategies for creating a classroom culture that supports mindfulness and social-emotional learning, including setting expectations, integrating mindfulness practices into daily routines, and fostering a sense of community and connection.

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Available Workshops


This workshop offers a range of movement-based activities and yoga postures both mat and chair based that are developmentally appropriate for children and can be integrated into classroom activities and routines to support focus and decrease stress.

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Mindful Breathing Techniques

This workshop teaches a variety of breathing techniques that can help children calm their minds, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

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Mindful Listening and Communication

This workshop explores strategies for developing mindful listening skills, effective communication, and collaborative problem solving skills among children.

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This workshop shares strategies for teachers and staff to integrate yoga and mindfulness practices into their own self-care routines, to support their own well-being and resilience in the classroom.

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1:1 mentorship offers personalized support, tailored to the unique needs, goals, challenges, and interests of classroom teachers, yoga teachers, and professionals seeking to deepen their skills in kids yoga and mindfulness. By understanding child development, including the brain-body connection, you'll learn to tailor practices to meet children's needs, becoming a more effective and empathetic teacher who fosters a safe and supportive learning environment. Enhance your teaching skills, from designing engaging lesson plans to managing classrooms, adapting activities for diverse learners, and integrating practices effectively. Deepen your personal yoga and mindfulness practice, gain confidence in teaching children, and be equipped to teach in various settings, such as chair-based, mat-based, large groups, after-school programs, day camps, during the school day, parties, and assemblies.

Unlock Your Full Teaching Potential: Embrace the Journey of Growth and Empowerment with a Transformative Mentorship Program


Mentorship empowered me to confidently and authentically teach yoga and mindfulness to children. With the guidance of a mentor, I discovered the freedom to explore and adapt my teaching approach. Through their support and reflections, I refined my classes and fostered deeper connections with my students, ultimately making a profound impact on their lives. Now I'm ready to share the wisdom I've gained with you!

- Abby


"Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles requested a customized workshop around wellness and journaling for our self-care series for our staff and faculty. This was our first time hosting such an event and we were blown away by Abigail’s knowledge, professionalism and ability to foster engagement and connection over zoom. We have received such positive feedback from our staff and this positive feedback from staff continues to come in weeks after the event. They have a new outlook on journaling and were excited to share their routines with us! Thank you Abigail for hosting this wonderful self-care workshop around wellness and journaling for our staff! We had such a great turnout and we will definitely hire Abigail again for future wellness workshops. It was such a pleasure and honor to work with Abigail!"

Cara Nissen
student success and retention manager
Mount saint mary's university

Abby is someone whose heart pours out of of the work that she does. I’ve worked with her in groups and 1-1 and have learned so much. She has had an incredible impact in my ability to share mindfulness with kids, & I can say honestly I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it was not for her.
Whether you want to bring her to your school, have her work with your child, or are a teen looking for support, highly would recommend making Abby your choice. You’ll get someone wholeheartedly present and invested in making and impact.

author, meditation teacher, speaker

It is clear that Abby has a passion for what she does. I highly recommend Abby for anyone who wants to teach mindfulness and yoga to kids or anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, supportive , and fully engaged Mentor.
Abby taught me the language and subtleties of teaching mindfulness and yoga to kids that would have taken me much time and experience to learn. Abby not only provided invaluable insight but she increased my confidence so I could focus on the joy of teaching!
It’s one thing to journal and reflect on what went wrong and what went right after each class you teach. It’s a whole other experience to have a guide by your side. Abby helped me turn my vision and ideas into reality. She provided practical insights that I could implement immediately to become a better teacher in a short amount of time.
My confidence in teaching and my outcomes improved dramatically after each session with Abby and I am so grateful she chose to do this work.

kids yoga and mindfulness teacher, 
The Mindfulness Bridge LLC


No. While a background in yoga can be helpful, what's most important is having a deep understanding of child development, a passion for working with children, and a willingness to learn and grow in your practice.

What kind of time commitment is required for the mentorship program, and is it flexible to accommodate a busy schedule?

The time commitment can vary depending on your goals and what you want to gain from kids yoga and mindfulness mentorship. During the discovery call, we will get clear about what you want from the program and will figure out the time it will take to achieve your goals!

Do I have to be a yoga or mindfulness teacher to teach kids?

Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment with kindness and curiosity. Mindfulness activities foster connections for children internally and externally. We practice mindfulness to foster connection to ourselves (increasing self-awareness), others (developing compassion and empathy), and our surroundings (increase awareness of how our surroundings impact us).

What is yoga?

 Yoga is not only a physical practice, but also a way of life that promotes health, well-being and inner peace. It can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and has shown to have numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits. Yoga activities include breathwork, movement, focus practices, and relaxation.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness and yoga support teachers in managing stress and preventing burnout, essential for the demanding nature of the profession. Mindfulness and yoga practices aid teachers in regulating emotions, leading to improved interactions with students and colleagues.

 How can Yoga and Mindfulness support classroom teachers and staff?

Mentorship and professional development support individuals in their growth and learning. While professional development focuses on organized activities to acquire new knowledge and skills, mentorship offers personalized, ongoing guidance from an experienced individual. Both approaches lead to improved abilities, new perspectives, and enhanced performance.

Is there a difference between Professional development and personalized mentorship?


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