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I'm Abby, your go to Mindfulness Mentor and Kids Yoga Teacher that's here to inspire you to have an empowered life journey!

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Hi! I’m Abby and I am thrilled you’re here! 

Are you ready to experience a life-changing transformation? Allow me to introduce you to the incredible gift of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment with gentleness and curiosity. It involves cultivating awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they arise, allowing you to experience life more fully and respond skillfully to whatever arises.

Mindfulness provided me with invaluable skills that I had never learned in school, such as self-regulation, emotional awareness, challenging unhealthy thought patterns, and fostering curiosity within myself and others. 


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For kids and teens, classes are designed to cultivate important life skills often overlooked in traditional education.  Yoga and mindfulness classes empower children to develop self-regulation skills, learn how to pay attention, reduce stress, and increase social and emotional intelligence. With a strong emphasis on mental well-being and building a supportive community, classes equip young minds with tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

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Mindfulness Classes

I offer comprehensive support to schools, organizations, and individual educators seeking professional development in kids' yoga and mindfulness. Through engaging workshops, either in-person and online, I empower teachers with the essential tools and techniques to impart valuable life skills to their students. Together, let's bring the transformative practices of mindfulness and yoga into the classroom, fostering well-being and growth for all.

Professional Development

Break free from stagnation and experience the transformative process of coaching. Feeling stuck and unfulfilled? Coaching will help you gain clarity on your true desires, and receive unwavering support and accountability to take bold action towards your dreams. Step into a life filled with joy, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and create a future where fulfillment and success are within reach.





Coaching with Abby completely exceeded my expectations. I always wanted to look into life coaching and became overwhelmed with picking the “perfect” coach. I am so glad that I was connected with Abby. I loved her coaching methods as well as her ability to integrate mindfulness into our sessions. She has such a wonderful presence on zoom and she makes you feel connected and never rushed with your sessions. I walked away realizing that being in transition is okay and I don’t have to have all of the answers. I was able to get back into moving my body again and completing my yoga teacher training. The mantras that she helped me create to use everyday will be something I will use and treasure. I am so happy to now know the importance of nourishing my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Abby!

Nancy Beechy Illinois

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I would say that I have felt an increase in my well-being. I apply these practices to small dilemmas and situations that my mind blows out of proportion and that actually aren't as important as I think. By being aware of my emotions and thoughts at times like these, I'm able to choose how to respond instead of just responding. While this hasn't made a huge difference (yet), as I do this more, I'll get better at it, which will end up majorly impacting my well-being. Taking this course has been such a special and educational experience for me. As a high school student who is constantly stressed, the practices that we do and the things we learn have helped me not only deal with the stress, but become a more aware, understanding, and compassionate person- to both myself and others.

J.A (16 years old) New York

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Abby is one of my absolute favorite people! I have done her trainings several times and she never fails to amaze me. It shines right through how she interacts with children in a kind and compassionate way, inspiring soon to be children's yoga teachers to do the same. There is so much joy, so much knowledge and so much kindness in her teachings. And she always knows just what to say when I need advice on my own teachings, clearly showing all the experience she has. If you need either someone to teach children yoga and mindfulness or someone to teach you how teach children yoga and mindfulness, you'd be lucky to have Abby for that!!!

Pála Gunnarsdóttir Iceland

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The Anxiety Warrior Podcast

I cohost a podcast that is dedicated to advocating for anxiety awareness and mental health. My cohost, Margot Harris, and I are teachers, friends, and most of all anxiety warriors! We've learned that our anxious feelings make us stronger.

We're here to normalize talking about mental health and being human. Our hope is for people that listen to feel less alone on their journey because mental health stuff can be super lonely. 

With over 115 episodes and over 50 guests, we share open and curious conversations about our personal experiences with anxiety and a variety of other mental health topics. We are storytellers at the root, and we believe that only with honest storytelling can we offer our listeners a chance to feel less alone in their own journey.

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The Mindfulness Practice YouTube Channel

Discover a dynamic, free resource on YouTube where you and your child can practice essential life skills together. Explore yoga and mindfulness practices that foster social and emotional learning in both kids and adults, while deepening your bond. There are also helpful tips and approaches for those seeking to teach kids yoga and mindfulness. Come join the growing community!



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I'm Abby your go to Mindfulness Mentor and Kids Yoga Teacher that's here to inspire you to have an empowered life journey!

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